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Buy Now Air Purifier

Buy Now AirPure Air Purifier

Breathe energised and healthy with AirPure Air Purifier. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, inside air can be up to 5 times more contaminated than outside air. To safeguard your family’s health, an air purifier is essential. AirPure Air Purifier uses the latest innovative technology to remove 99.97% of particle pollution, giving you clean and safe air that’s also energised!

4 Air Filters in 1

  1. Hybrid Prefilter with patented Silversan® technology – removes large dust particles
  2. Washable HPP™ Filter System (High Potential Particle Filter) – filters out viruses, bacteria, fine dust and pollen from the air
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – absorbs airborne gases and unpleasant odurs
  4. Amezcua Air Filter – energises and harmonises your air




  • Effectively removes dust, dust mites, microbes and odours from the air
  • Eliminates harmful household chemical contaminants such as radon, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde
  • Energises air using Amezcua technology
  • Attractive futuristic design
  • Add in fragrance oil and let its scent diffuse gently throughout the room.

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